February 20, 2021

Frank Kern Review

Frank Kern Review
Frank Kern Review

Who is Frank Kern?

When it comes to online marketing, Frank Kern is the number one marketer in the business. He is known as the marketing guru because he helps clients market their business and teaches them how to market for long-term success. How does he do it? First, let us talk about who Frank is and what it means to be a digital marketer.

Frank Kern Review

History Behind Frank Kern's Marketing Business Success

Residing in San Diego, California, Frank, and his wife have four kids, two bunnies, and a dog. His laid-back personality is perfect for California's beaches, and his foul-mouthed humor is undoubtedly entertaining.

At first meet, he may surprise you. Not many would expect someone of his caliber to be such a chill surfer. But no matter his personality, his marketing skills are unmatched by anyone else in the field.

Frank started his marketing career back in 1999 by selling credit card machines. He sold them door to door before finding a new way to sell. An ad he found online helped him learn some initial marketing schemes, but it was not long before realizing that it was the unsolicited marketing type with no real future. He did make money in his first venture, but he saw it was harder to sustain in the end.

From there, he moved onto marketing via direct mail. He studied immediate response advertising and followed the teachings from an old Tony Robbins tape to help inspire his goals. After six years of fighting through, he began to achieve his online success and has become the go-to online marketing guy.

Celebrities like Tony Robbins have used and promoted his techniques. And he now has over 100,000 small businesses and companies that following his online marketing strategies.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of using online resources to market a product or service. And being a digital marketer comes with plenty of ups and downs. Often it is a rollercoaster of trial and error.

Not everyone stays on for the ride, but Frank Kerns did not allow the struggle to outwit him. He took the downs as opportunities to learn from his mistakes, and he took the ups as the proof he needed that he was on the right track.

Frank Kern Review

How is Frank Kerns Different than the rest?

As the behavioral dynamic response creator, Frank is one of the most sought-after consultants globally. He is upfront about what to expect from working with him at the start, and he offers incredible insight before needing to pay for any of his courses.

He believes in hard work and entirely investing in the long-term success of your own business. So, if you are looking quick fix to make money, Frank Kerns is not for you. He teaches that without consistent hard work, steady passive income is highly unlikely.

He expects his clients to be fully invested in their long-term success because he, too, is just as invested. He goes over the importance of self-advertising and why critical it is to the business.

Get rich quick strategies may be suitable for short-term goals, but it is a gimmick that will fade fast without good advertising. The main thing you can expect from working with Frank Kern is his actionable strategies and tactics for that long-term success.

Frank Kern Review

Free Course by Frank Kerns

Frank offers free advice and materials to get you started on how he markets and the best way to market your company. He relies on passing out free information to sell you on his paid courses because he is simply that good. Frank calls it the "demonstrate you can help them by actually helping them" trick. And that is precisely how he gathers his clients.

The best thing about the way he markets is the fact that he uses the behavioral dynamic response. That means automated marketing messages to consumers based on their behavior. By creating this format, he was able to focus on your positioning with your customers. He can show you how to genuinely assist prospects before you even have to pitch to them.

He offers a free five-day training program that teaches the basics of making your ads work to the best of their ability. It is a top-of-the-line training course that shows you how to get customers without having to spend a fortune. If you like the training he gives you in those first five days, you can purchase more training courses. That will lead to a more robust marketing strategy for your business.

Frank Kern Courses that are Proven to Work

Mass Conversion

Mass Conversion is a program that you can master in four weeks. It will show how to determine the best process for attracting customers. It helps get lead magnets quickly created. It helps build the automated system to help capture and potential leads and sends them those marketing messages.

It uses ascension to cross-sell existing customers, and it drives targeted trade from suitable prospects using publishing. It is a beginner to intermediate level and is priced at $2,997.

Info Business Blueprint

The Info Business Blueprint training goes for five weeks, and that will teach you how to pick your chosen market's ideal digital product. It will also help confirm the potential of the idea. It teaches how to use the market validation method, and it will help outline your product details.

It quickly publishes and produces your product for you by applying the content compounding approach. It will help sell your products using a central selling system that is exclusive to the course. It is an intermediate to advanced level course for the price of $2,997.

Client Acquisition System

The Client Acquisition system is a course lasting five weeks designed for coaches, consultants, and professional service providers who are looking to obtain a clientele. In this course, you will learn several ways to determine the ideal number of clients for your business, and you will also know precisely what to charge per prospect order.

It will help you learn how to use the Omnipresence system to attract prospects for you automatically and which candidates will be more likely to pay the most amount, with the most with minimal resistance. It will also teach you how to turn ideal prospects into leads and convert those leads into future clients. It is an intermediate to advanced level course, and it is priced at $3,997.

Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

During the 28 day course, the Ultimate Webinar Blueprint will teach you how to focus on ideal clients as well as learn how to take advantage of the liquidator method. The course also teaches how to use pre-indoctrination to solidify trust with the attendees, which is imperative to success.


Still not convinced to give Frank a chance? Then check out his free online courses first. His unique experience and outgoing personality shine through his methods and make learning fun. His strategies may not be for you, and they are not for everyone. But his insight could be incredibly beneficial even if you do not end up taking all of his courses.

If nothing else, you will learn the most proficient and widely way to market your company without spending a single penny.

February 19, 2021

21 Ways For People Under 18 To Make Money

21 Ways For People Under 18 To Make Money

You're probably tired of asking your parents for money and seeing them roll their eyes and tell you to get a job. It's very common for young adults to want to make their own money. The only problem is that it can be difficult to find something that fits you perfectly and that allows you to have extra time for your homework.

The good news is that the options are almost endless. You can make your own money and save for big purchases by doing all sorts of jobs. We've compiled a list of 21 ways for people under 18 to make money. The only catch is that you need to check in with your folks before you jump into any of these jobs.

Dog Walking

1. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to make money at any age. As long as you're big enough that the dog won't knock you over or pull you down, you can walk a dog for money. Many people work outside of their homes leaving their dogs inside for hours without any interaction.

Most kids get out of school by 3 PM, so they can easily walk the dogs of those that cannot be home with their animals. It's also a great job for the times when neighbors go on vacation. They'll be chomping at the bits for someone to take care of their dog while they are out. You're they're dog superhero.

If you don't know anyone that has dogs, you can sign up for Wag or Rover. These are great apps that help you build a little business taking care of pets.


2. Babysitting

Babysitting is a no-brainer for teenagers. As long as you're trustworthy and know a little something about kids, you will be a good babysitter. You don't have to step in only when parents are out for the night. You can also step in to help parents when the kiddos first get home from school. You can step right in to help the kids do their homework and get to their chores.

Babysitting isn't an easy job because you've got the life of someone's kids in your hands. It's a serious job, so make sure you're up for the task. It's also one of the most fun jobs as your job is literally playing with kids. If you don't know any kids, sign up for sittercity.com, Care.com, or put something out there on the NextDoor app.

Get A Newspaper Route

3. Get A Newspaper Route

Just because you're a teenager and don't read the newspaper, doesn't mean a large percentage of people don't love to get the morning news. This is the perfect old-school way to rake in some money. You'll just need to get up early, have reliable transportation, and know how to navigate the neighborhood.

A newspaper route is fun as you get to ride your bike or roll slowly in your car while throwing papers out the window. You're getting money for doing this relatively easy job. The only thing is that must be reliable because people won't be happy if they don't get their daily newspaper.

Restaurant Work

4. Restaurant Work

Whether you work in a tiny diner, a fast food place or a big chain, restaurant work is some of the most popular and rewarding for teenagers. The only setback is that child labor laws set age limits for some jobs. You cannot work a certain amount of hours until you're 18.

If you cannot be a waiter/waitress, you can be a host or cashier. You can also bus tables or wash dishes. You'll get tips and often places give discounts to their employees. You'll learn how to work with all kinds of people and all about the rules of how to prepare food.

Food Delivery

5. Food Delivery

Food delivery is an easy job if you have reliable transportation. If you have a license, go for it.

Most people love to order food on nights and weekends. This is when most teenagers are free. You get an hourly rate, plus you usually also get tips.

Buy And Sell

6. Buy And Sell

If you're great at negotiating or finding good deals, you will be perfect at buying low and selling higher. You can buy clothes or good at garage sales then sell them at consignment sales.

You can also find deals on eBay or neighborhood sales places, then flip them for other consumers. You might have to put some work into some of your purchases. The payoff will be worth it.

Pet Sitting

7. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a quick, easy way to make money. People are often looking for others to come and take care of their pets while they are on vacation. You can make your own little business if you charge less than the usual rate.

You can advertise on neighborhood marketing groups. Remember, you need to be reliable and good with pets. Pets are very special family members, so it's important you take this job seriously.

Work In A Movie Theatre

8. Work In A Movie Theatre

Working in a movie theater is a great way to hang out with friends while making money. You might even get to get a glimpse at some of the newest movies, too.

You can enjoy the AC on those hot days and the heater on really cold days. You can be a ticket seller or a concession stand worker. You can also get all of the free popcorn you want at some theaters.

Be A Referee

9. Be A Referee

One of the most fun jobs for young teens is to be a referee or umpire. You get to know the rules like the back of your hand. You get to get in a little exercise as you run up and down following the game, too.

The only downfall is that you might have parents that love to yell at you for your calls. If you don't mind some crazy parents in the stands, you're golden. Check out your local sports associations for information about these jobs.

Be A Golf Caddy

10. Be A Golf Caddy

Being a golf caddy is the perfect job for someone that enjoys golf. Yooem u get to carry around someone's clubs and check out their golf tricks. You get to spend the day enjoying the sunshine and the game.

You can make some truly great connections as a golf caddy. You usually get an hourly rate, and receive tips. You also may get the chanced to play for free.

Play Video Games

11. Play Video Games

You're probably already spending hours playing video games. You may as well make money doing it. If you're a great gamer, people may pay money to watch you play. You can even do a live stream.

You can set up an account on Mixer, Twitch, or YouTube. It will take time to build an audience. Once you get everything set up, get ready to make money doing what you love. It might take some time to get your accounts up and going, but you'll be golden once you make a name for yourself.

General Yardwork

12. General Yardwork

Many people hire a service to do their yardwork. Swoop in with your lower rates and stellar work ethic. You can do this year-round. In the summer, mow yards and do landscaping. In the winter, rake leaves and shovel snow.

Go around asking neighbors what they need most. They may just ask that you pull their weeds and rake their dog poop. Some people may just want you to come over with a power washer to get debris out of their yard.

This is a labor-intensive job, so don't take it if you're lazy. Many people are very particular about their yards. If you can handle a pool, go ahead and go for the pool maintenance as well.

Camp Counselor

13. Camp Counselor

If you enjoy working with kids and spending time away from home, being a camp counselor is perfect for you. You might get a position working at a sleepaway camp, so you get to enjoy camp for free. You'll spend the day doing crafts and taking care of kids.

Camp counseling is a job with set hours. It's for someone that enjoys the outdoors. You get to make some great memories working away at camp. If you're great at a certain sport, you can be a camp counselor at a local sports camp.

Pool Lifeguard

14. Pool Lifeguard

Being a lifeguard is a dream for many people. It isn't always like Baywatch, but you do get some fun in the sun. It's tough to train as a lifeguard, but it's a rewarding position.

You get to usually work with your peers as you ensure the safety at your local pool. The perks are that you have flexible hours and get to spend time at the pool all day. Those long summer days are a lot easier surrounded by water.

Wash Cars

15. Wash Cars

There is nothing like stepping back admiring your work as you stare at a shiny car. Yes, some people go to the car wash, but others would rather a personal job. People love the personal touch as you wash and wax their car.

If you're great at going even deeper, get into detailing. You can play music and have fun as you wash their car. You get to go to people's driveways, choose your own hours, and enjoy the sunshine.

Make And Sell Homeade Items

16. Make And Sell Homeade Items

This is a job for someone that loves to craft and do artwork. If you have a secret talent, take the opportunity to sell it.

Create an Etsy store with your creations. Share your items on your social media pages to show off your stuff.

You will have some selling fees, but it's worth it. Price your items low, but fair. Remember, people need to pay for the effort you put into your goods.

Shovel Snow

17. Write Essays

Some students would love to do anything but write their own essays. Yes, students will pay you to write their papers. They'll actually pay a lot. So, if you're great at writing, jump on it.

It'll be easy for you to grow a small business. They must provide you all of the information, then you're able to write a successful paper. You can't take their tests for them, but you can give them a helping hand in the writing world.

Shovel Snow

18. Shovel Snow

If you live in a snowy area, people will jump at the idea of someone else shoveling their snow. Many people cringe at the thought of having to get out in the cold and shovel their driveways. This is a physical job with great rewards.

You can even just go door-to-door asking people if they want their driveway shoveled. Most people will get excited at the thought of you doing it instead of them. Remember to dress warm and be ready for a little workout. You may meet some great connections as you shovel the snow of neighbors and friends. Best of all, they will probably ask you to come back tomorrow.

Teach People How To Code

19. Teach People How To Code

It seems these days that the big companies are asking that their employees know how to code. It's a huge advantage to have when stepping into the working world. If you're going into engineering or computer science, coding is a must.

You can take a few quick classes that teach you to code. After you master it, offer your skills to those in your neighborhood. You can help younger kids or anyone trying to get into coding. This is something that will help you for the future and put money in your pocket as you help others.

Start Your Own Podcast

20. Start Your Own Podcast

Podcasts are one of the coolest things in the world right now. You can start your own podcast talking about the things that you care about in the world. The only catch is that you aren't going to rake in the bucks the first few broadcasts.

It takes time to build a good podcast. You need to have listeners and sponsors. The best thing about your own podcast is that you get to talk about what you want. You push your own agenda, and you set the rules. If you love to talk and have a great radio personality, jump on a podcast.

Work At A Retail Store

21. Work At A Retail Store

If you haven't worked in retail, you've never really lived. Retail is the perfect place to gain your footing in the professional world. You can join places where you fold clothes, work the cash register, and interact with guests. The best thing about retail is it is flexible.

Check out your locally owned stores as well as the big chains. They are usually hiring part-time workers, especially during the holiday season. You'll also probably make some great connections.

Final Verdict

The options are endless when it comes to finding fun jobs as a teenager. You'll make connections that can help you in the future as a professional. Do something you enjoy while you make money.

You might find a job that can help you in your future career. The most important thing to remember is that you need to have fun. Be a kid, but make money at the same time. You'll be thankful that youwworked so hard and got rewarded in return.

February 19, 2021

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Mouthwash is a liquid that you hold in your mouth to clean it. It is sometimes referred to as oral rinse or mouth rinse. Frequent muscle contractions ensure that the fluid is evenly spread in the mouth.

You can also gargle it or tilt your head. Mouthwashes do not replace the oral hygiene of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. The main purpose of using the mouth rinse is to freshen your breath.

This is especially the case if you suffer from chronic bad breath. A mouthwash or a mouth rinse is used for oral care routine. It has many benefits and is recommended by many dentists.

Dentists prescribe a specific mouth wash or oral rinse. This is dependent on your ailment. If you are suffering from a fungal infection, they will specify a specific mouth wash. This would be different if you suffered from a bout of gum problems.

For example, fluoride is an essential mineral in mouthwash. It protects the teeth against acids. Plaque bacteria bring about these acids. You also have to brush your teeth regularly and also floss.

When using your mouthwash, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • You should dilute your mouth rinse if possible. Going through the label of your mouthwash is very crucial. They have different concentrations, and some recommend diluting them with water. If the label does not tell you to dilute, you should not. You may not get the full benefit of the mouth rinse if the germs are diluted.
  • Mouthwash is not a replacement for brushing teeth. You should maintain your hygiene and brush your teeth at least twice a day. This should be accompanied by daily flossing. Even if your dentist recommends the oral rinse, you should maintain your daily routine.

There are important steps to follow when using oral rinses:

  • Only use the right amount. Follow the instructions on the label or from your dentist.
  • You should keep the mouth rinse in your mouth for as long as indicated. It would help if you also swished your mouth.
  • Don’t swallow the mouthwash. Some of the oral rinses contain ingredients that may have adverse effects on your body. Children should use the mouth rinse under the supervision of an adult.
  • You should be patient with the mouthwash. Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes after using the mouth rinse.
Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

How Does Mouthwash Work?

Mouthwashes vary depending on the purpose. Some provide an anti-cavity enjoy fluoride while others freshen your breath. Some even have germ-killing ingredients. This prevents plaque build-up on your teeth.

The most important thing is choosing the correct mouthwash for you. You have a variety of options, and you should choose a rinse that meets your needs. These are some of the points that you should keep in mind:

The alcohol content in the alcohol. The alcohol content is crucial as you can accidentally swallow your mouth rinse. You might have a family with school-aged children or teenagers. This might incline you to buy alcohol-free mouthwash. Some of the recovering alcoholics avoid using mouthwash products.

Many people have sensitive gums. If you have a sensitive mouth, an alcohol-free or natural oral rinse is best for you. They contain ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile. This has a soothing effect on your mouth. You might also find the ingredients in the mouthwash to be irritating.

When buying a mouthwash, you may be critical of the anti-plaque ingredients. They not only cater for bad breath but also prevent plaque build-up. If you e not sure about your oral rinse, it is advisable to seek help from a dentist about your daily oral care.

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Benefits of Using Mouthwash

Incorporating oral rises in your daily routine is beneficial. They come with a lot of benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Mouthwashes whiten your teeth. They contain hydrogen peroxide, which has a bleaching effect. An alternative to hydrogen peroxide can be coconut oil or activated charcoal.
  • Oral rinses can strengthen your tooth. They make them less prone to cavities. Fluoride ingredient is crucial in this.
  • Some of the mouth rinses are formulated to fight bacteria. These bacteria cause plaques and gingivitis. They contain thymol and some of the essential oils.
  • Oral rinses also get rid of bad breath. They contain formulas that banish the bad odor. Most of these mouth rinses are alcohol-based, but you can find alternatives.
Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Alcohol comprises antiseptic properties. It is the main ingredient in many types of mouthwash. It kills all the bacteria in your mouth and also sanitizes it.

Using pure alcohol alone does not kill all the bacteria in the mouth. Some of the mouthwashes contain up to 25% of alcohol content. Alcohol is one of the most active ingredients. Oral rinses comprise of other ingredients.

The other include methanol. You might be sensitive to methanol. Methanol is derived from mint or peppermint. You might feel the burning sensation instead of a tingling effect.

While using the mouth rinse, you might experience some burning sensation. This may be severe on your tongue. Your taste buds are more sensitive to the taste of alcohol.

There might be other reasons for the burning sensation. If you're using an alcohol-free mouthwash, you might be sensitive to one of the active ingredients,

Different oral rinses do serve different purposes. There are well-known mouthwashes that help fight gingivitis and prevent bad breath. People tend to develop allergies from these mouth rinses. They can vary from mild to severe, depending on the frequency of use.

You might also feel the burns if you suffer from stomach ulcers. The pain worsens if your oral rinse contains alcohol or methanol.

The methanol irritates the wounds, and the alcohol dries up the healing process. The alcohol content is at times low and does not have a medicinal effect. You might as well opt for an alcohol-free mouth rinse.

There are also certain mouth rinses intended to whiten your teeth. They may contain essential oils such as eucalyptus oil and thyme oil. Another important ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. All these ingredients might cause the mouthwash to have a burning sensation when using them.

Why Does Mouthwash Burn?

Do All Mouthwashes Burn?

Not all oral rinses have a burning effect. It depends on the ingredient's content and the person using the mouth rinse.

Your level of sensitivity dictates the best oral rinse for you. Alcohol is not a must-use ingredient in mouth rinses. There are alcohol-free mouthwashes. They are effective in killing bacteria and freshening your breath.

They are gentle on your tongue and do not affect your gums. Methanol-free oral rinses are also effective, and they serve the same purpose. You might also opt for mint-free or flavorless mouthwashes.

It's not common for oral rinses to burn when using them. Most of the time, the sensation is brought about by methanol and alcohol.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, there are plenty of alternatives you can resort to. They are alcohol-free and methanol-free. Creating a consistent brushing and flossing routine can do wonders for your health.

It is also essential to follow the instructions. These instructions might be from your dentist or on the label of the mouthwash. This will reduce the chances of ever experiencing the burning sensations.

February 17, 2021


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