Bridget Gigi Goddard

Bridget Gigi Goddard, founder of GMS Aesthetic Training and Consulting, internationally renowned medical aesthetic practice management consultant, and master injector trainer has built her practice using her own  proven methods. Goddard now has moved onto training others on these techniques to help them grow their practices as well. 

Continue reading to learn more about how Bridget has used her 20 years of experience to help other aesthetic practices grow and provide the best results to their clients. 

Here Are Four Proven Methods From Bridget Goddard On Helping You Transform Your Aesthetic Practice:


1. Client Relationship – Hearing Them Out And Meeting Their Needs 

For Bridget Goddard, her favorite part of being a provider and trainer in the aesthetics field is when practitioners are able to use their tools to boost someone’s “self confidence and inner beauty.” Bridget understands that exceptional client satisfaction is not solely based on the physical outcome of a procedure, but also on the emotional and psychological impact it has on individuals. 


With this in mind, she has developed a range of techniques that go beyond simply delivering outstanding results. Through her training manuals, Goddard imparts her wealth of knowledge and experience to aspiring practitioners. 


In addition to prioritizing the client-practitioner relationship, Goddard emphasizes the importance of educating her clients. She believes that by arming them with knowledge about the procedures and treatments, clients can make informed decisions and feel more confident throughout the process.


For most, this process can be very new, and many clients may feel overwhelmed and nervous about asking questions or expressing their desires.. For these reasons, transparency and open communication also foster trust, as clients feel empowered and involved in their own journey towards self-improvement. Bridget recommends being transparent with clients and building relationships. One way she does this is through her transparency about her own aesthetic treatments.


2. Communicating Both Pre And Post Care Expectations

Practitioners are taught to communicate effectively with their clients, not only during the treatment but also in the pre and post-care stages. By providing clear and concise instructions on how to prepare for a procedure and offering guidance on post-treatment care, practitioners can ensure that their clients have a smooth and comfortable experience. 

In order to achieve optimal results, Bridget on her instagram includes guidance for all her clients

Pre-appointment Two Things Should Be Avoided And If Unavoidable To Please Reschedule: 

  • If you have a current or recent infection 
  • If you had recent dental work done


  • Rubbing or massaging your face 
  • Working out 
  • Any facial treatments
  • Alcohol consumption  


3. Find A Goal And Build A Team 

As with any endeavor, a strong team is essential for achieving success. When it comes to building your aesthetic practice you want your team to believe in a common goal.For example, a common goal Bridget set for her team is to make sure that every client walks out of our office doors feeling more confident than they did when they arrived. 

Figure out what your goal is for your business and build a team that will help you achieve it. 


4. Learn, Practice, And Repeat 


Learn, practice and repeat… over and over again. 


The only way to stay constant is by expanding your knowledge in your field. As Goddard has been in the aesthetic field for 20+ years, she has accumulated certifications on over 100 devices and injectables, she has been able to accomplish these achievements by constantly learning. 

One of the ways Goddard ensures she stays ahead of the curve is by actively seeking out educational opportunities. She attends conferences, seminars, and workshops to learn about the latest advancements in aesthetic procedures and technologies. By staying informed about the latest research and industry trends, she can offer her clients the most up-to-date and effective solutions.

Goddard also recognizes the value of ongoing training and professional development. By investing in her own team’s education and skill enhancement (and especially her own), she ensures that they all stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry trends. This not only benefits the practitioners themselves but also translates into better client outcomes and satisfaction.

Continuous practice is another important aspect of Goddard’s approach to client satisfaction. Practitioners are able to refine their technique, ensure consistency in results, and deliver the best possible outcomes for their client.


Why Are These “Proven Methods” So Important? 


You might be wondering, “why are these particular methods covered?” or “You might be wondering why these particular methods were chosen to be written about?” Because these methods work. Bridget Goddard’s techniques for boosting client satisfaction have been proven effective time and time again.

 As a renowned expert in the aesthetic industry, Goddard has dedicated her career to not only delivering exceptional results but also ensuring that her clients have a positive and fulfilling experience throughout their journey. Bridget Goddard’s strategies for enhancing client satisfaction have consistently proven their effectiveness. The rationale behind highlighting these approaches lies in their foundation of ongoing enhancement. This dedication to progress and education ensures that practitioners possess the requisite knowledge and skills to address clients’ continually changing needs and standards.

How You Can Get One Step Closer To Achieving Success?

Building on Goddard’s point, she highlights how crucial it is for aesthetic professionals to keep learning. She knows the industry is always changing, so staying updated is key. By showing a genuine interest in growth, practitioners can become trusted experts and attract loyal clients. One of the easiest ways to continue to expand your knowledge is through signing up for GMS Trainings.