First API DACA Scholarship in Washington State


Marissa Vichayapai

21 Progress


New Scholarship for Undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander Immigrants

1st API DACA Scholarship in Washington State

Seattle, WA


Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform (FAIR!), a campaign of 21 Progress, the leading provider of financial assistance for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) in Washington State, has started the first scholarship program for undocumented Asian and Pacific Islanders in the state.  If qualified, DACA allows undocumented youth and young adult immigrants to stay in the United States without fear of deportation, provides a work permit, and access to educational opportunities.


Asian and Pacific Islanders make up close to 5,500 of the undocumented students and young adults in Washington State, but less than 5% of them have applied for the DACA program which offers access to education and career opportunities,” states Marissa Vichayapai, FAIR! Director.


The FAIR! scholarship pays for the $465 application fee, provides access to free legal assistance, and professional and confidential coordination with any services or programs students and young adults may need. To be eligible for this scholarship, participants should:

  • Be of Asian or Pacific Islander descent
  • Make certain they are eligible for DACA (check eligibility)
  • Have a completed or nearly completed DACA application that has been reviewed by an immigration attorney
  • Apply on the Fearless Asians for Immigration Reform (FAIR!) website: