Seattle – Indigenous People’s Day replaces Columbus Day

CITY HALL – 21 Progress staffers James To and Dante Garcia observed Seattle’s signing ceremony renaming Columbus Day, a holiday recognizing the accidental rediscovery of the Americas by a callous Italian explorer, to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, promoting the celebration of the many cultures and people who have called Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and the rest of the Americas home since long before any European explorers arrived.

This change represents more than a new name, but also a new message.  While Christopher Columbus is a symbol of Italian heritage in the U.S., to some, he is also a painful representation of the brutal oppression he inflicted on the peoples of the new world.  This renaming allows the second Monday of October to call forward the respect, community, and revitalization of those who have suffered.  With that in mind, may we be respectful of those who are different from us, strengthen the communities to which we belong, and lift up those who are less fortunate.
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Below are more photos from the event: