Voting is Not an Option

When the Supreme Court slashed at the historic 1965 Voting Rights Act last week, we thought about all these young immigrants who are reaching for citizenship and want to vote.   Mark Trahant’s (award winning independent journalist and former Seattle Times editorial writer) focuses on First People’s voting rights, and frames the decision as a call to action. Let’s make it happen!
Trahant said, “But there is a weakness in the court’s ruling: The more that those in power try to use cheap tricks — voter ID laws or limited ballot access — the more people will demand to vote.”
The court has basically set out the challenge: The only way to strip power from those who would limit your right to vote, is to vote. The only way to end austerity is to win the election. The only way to invest in a better future for young people is to show up in record numbers. American Indians and Alaska Natives will vote because “they” say we can’t.”  For Trahant’s entire article, go to: