Job Opportunities


We are looking for a Program Assistant who is down for Human Rights and is ready to help us build out our program structure and development — helping to put together all of the moving pieces so we can keep our current relationships and build new ones as our organization expands.

You will be working with an entire staff and leadership who are passionate, talented, and ready to work together to make our vision real. In addition, we offer the opportunity for you to see projects started and completed, work directly with community, and work with folks who are invested in YOUR professional and personal growth.

You are someone who is:

An Impact-Driven Professional – You bring 2+ years of experience and an eagerness to learn and grow, as well as a desire to roll up your sleeves and contribute. You will authentically live our mission – have bold imagination, be ready to face challenges, and the ability to tell your unique story.

A Problem Solver – You may not always know the answer, but you’ll dive into learning all you can to find it. You’re willing to try new things and experiment.

Salary: DOE

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